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Our Services

Marketing is the act, process, or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. In order to continue to thrive, organizations must acquire and retain customers. This is done through marketing. Marketing conveys your message consistently to your ideal client. Frequently, businesses do not have a solid marketing plan and strategy that engages their prospective audience.

Colston Communications will provide our small business clients and non-profit organizations to evaluation and consultation needed in order to prepare the perfect marketing strategy to meet and exceed expectations.

Consulting Services
Colston Communications understands that no two organizations’ marketing needs are the same. It is our personal one-on-one attention to your organizations’ unique needs that will consistently produce exceptional results. Colston Communications can start you off with planning and consulting to develop a marketing strategy that best fits your target audience and industry. We will advise you on what kinds of products and services are most likely to produce successful results, develop in-depth marketing objectives and programs, and implement and manage the right strategy for you.

In today's marketplace, a good brand is critical in promoting your product or services. What do people think of when they hear your name or the name of your organization? What do you stand for? That defines your brand. Building a brand doesn't just happen, it is created. Colston Communications can help you build your brand though consistency; consistency that runs across your messages, your website, your print materials and your advertising. This consistent message, along with a look and a feel that runs throughout all of the ways you reach your customers, are the first steps to building a brand.

Creative Design Services
Creative services go well beyond web or logo design. We understand the power the right image has in delivering your organization's vision. It is vital that this be in sync with your goals and aligned with your message. Our team understands the need for continuity throughout a brand and the need for our clients to integrate the appearance of all print and visual images. Whether your needs are brochures, logo design and development or advertising, Colston Communications can work with you on these projects and turn things around quickly at a very competitive price.

Once your brand has been established and your marketing materials designed, selecting the right printer is essential. We maintain relationships with several local and national printers. Request for proposals will be issued to several printers in order to secure the best possible pricing, turn-around time, and quality to exceed our clients’ expectations while remaining within budget.

Public Relations
Colston Communications believes Public Relations is more than just "publicity". It is pro-actively managing the flow of information between an organization and its public. We will work with you to target the right media outlets for you and then reach out to those outlets and convey your story with passion and accuracy. Prior to your interview we will help prepare you with message points and training.

Colston Communications is dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising campaigns large and small. Along with our advertising partners, we will write and design ads, negotiate media buys, write scripts, and work with professional talent to develop the finished ad. In addition, we will find the most cost-effective placement schedule to maximize your exposure, thus increasing your return on your investment.

Video Production
Our mission is to create well-crafted, informative and inspiring videos for our clients in the small business, nonprofit, and private sector. The services we offer include filming, project management, concept development, scripting, editing, and package development and design. Our production team is well experienced, and we are determined to work with our client to ensure their vision become a reality.

Communications Training Speech Writing
Lining up the opportunities to tell your message to the media and your customers is one thing. Delivering a consistent, clear and concise message is something else. We will work with you to develop message points and then spend time with you to make sure that the points are delivered with passion and power. Everyone cares deeply about their message and they can speak to that message in great detail. It is narrowing down the message to make it easy for others to retain and even easier to use in a news story that is the challenge and Colston Communications can help you achieve that goal.

Speech Writing
Creating an effective speech, whether it is for ten or 10,000, is a real challenge. The key is to find the message your organization wants to deliver, shape the message to make it clear and enjoyable and then create a memorable presentation. We will work with you to help you evolve and develop your message.

Sponsorship Development
Sponsorships are a viable means for generating revenue or reducing costs associated with presenting an event. They also serve as a great vehicle for companies to reach their target audience or brand a product while supporting a worthwhile community/charitable, sporting or cultural event. Whether it is orchestrating media partnerships or procuring cash and in-kind sponsorships, the team at Colston Communications is capable of complementing its public relations efforts on an existing campaign or project with sponsorship development activities.

Colston Communications' website and development team focuses on website development and design, web programming, electronic mail marketing strategies and other specialized marketing solutions for our valued clients. We continually strive to provide non-profit organizations and small business owners the same abilities and opportunities larger companies have to promote and expand their organizations. Our cost-effective web solutions allow our clients to utilize the internet in ways that did not exist before.

Web Development
Colston Communications understands how important a crisp, sharp website is to your company’s image. Whether you want a simple website or one with flash design and e-commerce, we will work individually with you to customize your website from start to finish.

Website Design
A functional, easy to navigate website is a must for any business. It is also very important that a company's website have the same look and feel as its other marketing materials. Our website designers invite our clients to provide ideas, concepts, and feedback to be very hands on in the development of their website. Colston Communications can work with your group to develop a website that is consistent to your brand.

Flash Design
Animation on a website is a great way to attract viewer interest to the information you want highlighted on your website. If you have a message or purpose you want set to motion or sound, Colston Communications can make it happen.

Custom Programming
Our website development team will work carefully with you to ensure your website communicates the message you want it to. Anything you want your website to do, Colston Communications is capable of making it a reality.

Since the year 2000, internet usage has increased over 200 percent! Consumers are buying more goods and services over the internet than ever before. Colston Communications offers an electronic-commerce option for your website’s services and products.

Content Management
Colston Communications knows how important it is to have current and up-to-date information on your website. Through our easy-to-use, fully-integrated system, our clients are able to manage certain portions of their websites without having to know any complicated computer or html language. You will be granted a hands-on role in the success of your own website by creating, editing and updating your own website.

Web Maintenance Solutions
Interactive media and technology is an ever-evolving and changing environment. Allow Colston Communications to handle all the web maintenance needs of your business. Our project managers are responsive, detail-oriented, and deadline-driven. We do our job effortlessly so you can concentrate on what you need to.

We believe our clients deserve the very best when developing an event to launch a product, celebrate a milestone, or raise funds to benefit their organization. We do not pride ourselves on "event planning". However, we excel at providing solutions for our client's needs and consistently deliver unique and creative solutions within timeline and budget guidelines.

Whether a corporate training, fundraising gala, or executive meeting conference, an event is one of the most important, memorable, and visual means through which an organization conveys their vision and mission. We are dedicated to working with our clients to strategize, manage, and execute every aspect and detail of their events, while maintaining the client's integrity and original vision. Colston Communications will be a resource for your organization in a time when you cannot devote the time and energy necessary for such an event or simply need an addition to your team. We consistently deliver unique and creative solutions to our clients within timeline and budget guidelines.

Our services include

  • Complete Event Coordination and Management
  • Day-of-Event Management
  • Design of all Print Materials
  • Site Selection
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Production
  • Audio/Visual
  • Theme Development
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Key Note Speakers
  • Celebrity Appearances

Please feel free to contact us if you have a need for a service that is not listed